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Loungewear my Way

I’ve been getting so much slack from friends and family about my ‘over the top’ looks during Quarantine (all in good fun of course!). What I often remind people is that you either get over-the-top, hair done and makeup done with me or pjs all day, no makeup and something straight out of a horror film lol. Trying to strike a middle ground has always been something I struggle with.

When my friends at Aqua Bay Swim sent over this BLONDE sweatshirt from their loungewear collection, I was excited to try my hand at this cute but casual vibe. Needless to say, I’ve been living in this sweater all week. Whether it’s paired with hi-rise skinny jeans shown here and sneakers or unfolded and worn over leggings, I’m scared at the state of this potential sweater when quarantine life ends!

Sweater: c/o Aqua Bay Swim | Similar Headband
Hi Rise Jeans | Similar Sneakers | Handbag | Ring
Sunglasses {this colour way is sold out}

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