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Bar Cart Styling

I haven’t been able to stop rearranging our house in the midst of Covid quarantine. It feels like the bedrooms, bathroom, living room and bar nook are in a constant state of flux. I spent the weekend picking apart our bar cart and putting it back together with some new hues and accessories. I mentioned last week we’ve really been into crafting new cocktails at home and trying to use up all of the obscure liqueurs and flavourings we’ve got at home!

Some of our favourite staples on the bar cart include Monkey 47 Gin, Iceberg Vodka, Clase Azul Tequila, Dillon’s Distills Bitters, Fresh lemons and limes and of course, a bottle of Veueve – just incase!

Headband | Dress | Sneakers | Cuff: c/o Julie Vos
Bar Cart | JuJu Hat | Tumbler | Candle | Chair

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