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Colourful Cocktails

With all the extra time at home, Adam and I have been perfecting a new skill: perfecting our craft cocktail game. After picking up a bottle of Empress Gin 1908 at the LCBO (purely based on aesthetics), we learned that we were slowly loving this Gin. Besides a great smooth taste, I love that it’s a great conversation piece when the blue tint goes lilac purple with the addition of citrus or club soda. This is one particular recipe we’ve been loving:

1½ OZ Empress 1908 Gin
1OZ Fresh Lemon Juice
1OZ Elderflower Cordial (We Love St. Germain)
Club Soda to Top
Cucumber and Rosemary

Muddle cucumber and then add rosemary. Shake ingredients on ice, strain into a chilled collins glass. Top with fresh ice, soda and garnish with a cucumber ribbon.

Recipe courtesy of Empress Gin

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