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Soul to Sole: Shoe Collection Review

Last year I had the chance to review my favourite designer handbag purchases which was a huge hit. I had a few questions following about my favourite sunglasses and designer shoes so I’m so pumped to be covering my favourite designer finds and an honest take on whether I’d buy them again. 
Pros: These bow pumps are not only cute but they’re extremely comfortable for busy days at the office. I also love that the brand offers them in a regular size and for wider feet. I also found a pink pair at a Winners not too long ago and got them for 1/4 of the price! 
Cons: The patent can take some time breaking in. 
Verdict: They’re not the snazziest heel in your closet but if you want an investment shoe that can be worn in various scenarios, then I’d recommend. I would definitely buy again (hopefully not full price!).
After having purchased the Pigalle pair in the nude, I wanted to add a second pair of Louboutin’s to my closet which I felt would naturally work with most outfits. So a black pair seemed like the next natural move.
Pros:  I do love the thinner heel on this pair and can’t deny the pop of red any pair of Louboutin’s add to an outfit. 
Cons: I made a grave mistake in confusing the Pigalle and the Pigalle Follies. While both pairs are both 100mm in heel height, the Pigalle stiletto is much thicker and therefore, makes it super easy to walk in. The heel is so thin on this pair that even on my way to a dinner date I find my strut go from so-so to bad to disastrous! 
Verdict: I probably wouldn’t buy this specific pair again. Maybe I spent too much of my 20s in high-heels but I can barely make it through date night in this pair without complaining about having to walk in these shoes. I definitely don’t wear them as often as I’d like and for that reason, I wouldn’t purchase them again. 

Pros: I LOVE the clean lines of this shoe and how it can act as a true accessory in a bold outfit. The ankle straps also ease in the comfortability of the shoe making them more comfortable than other pairs I’ve owned. I also love how the shape of the sole widens at the front. I wouldn’t consider myself to have wide feet, but they certainly aren’t narrow. 
Cons: There isn’t much distinction about the shoe that screams ‘designer pair’. Other brands have ways of making their mark known but with so many designer dupes out there for these shoes, one does question the price tag. 
Verdict: I doubt I’d replace these shoes if I wore them through. 

I must have eye-balled these shoes for years. I would try them on and then tell myself I didn’t need them or it was impractical for owning a pair of shoes like this living in Canada. Since we’ve started to travel more (and to warmer climates), I justified the spend and do find myself busting them out early spring and into late fall. 
Pros: Shockingly comfortable. These are actually my go-to airport shoes when travelling somewhere to alleviate the weight in my luggage. They slip on and off quite easily and are extremely comfortable. I also love how the neutral tones make it easy to pair with most outfits. 
Cons: I’ve worn them quite frequently for over a year now and while it’s not an issue yet, I do wonder how well the sole will hold up over time. And because it has to be said… the price tag lol (they are espadrilles after all). 
Verdict: Despite the sticker shock, I would definitely buy them again! 
Pros: I love the neutral colour of the sandal and that this style of shoe works great with sundresses or ripped jeans and a tee. 
Cons: Despite trying these on in store, I actually bought my first pair in the wrong size. Be sure to go half a size up if possible. I also found these a little tough to break in so count on a few blisters here and there. 
Verdict: Despite being a pain to work in, I still love the classic look of these sandals and would definitely buy again. 
Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 {similar} {Designer Dupe}
Pros: I love, love, love these shoes! So much so I’ve actually had to replace the heel twice since I purchased them. The stiletto is comfortable, I can wear them to and from meetings and the shade is a great neutral for outfits. 
Cons: The beige shade will scuff with time and start to show wear and tear. They also aren’t as sleek looking as say, the Follies, but it depends if you favour fashion or function. 
Verdict: Will 100% be buying again. 

Pros: Comfortable sneakers with girly embellishments – need I say more?! I adore the blush shade of these shoes and that they pair great with a midi skirt and tee, skinny jeans or shorts. 
Cons: They’re pink sneakers with rhinestones on them?!?! What’s the con? LOL! I am a tad nervous one of the gems may fall out but it’s been over a year and they’re all still in tact which is a good sign. 
Verdict: Heck yes I would buy them again! 
Pros: Firs off, I adore this shade of shoe. It’s adaptable and can err on the side of blush or mauve depending on how you accessorize it. They also work great with any outfit and oh-my-goodness are these suckers comfy. I can go from day to night in these and not even feel a pinch in my toes. 
Cons: These are definitely not the shoe you want to be wearing when shopping or going to someone’s house to visit – getting all 6 straps done up or undone is a pain in the butt! 
Verdict: Despite the fact that they’re extremely overrated, I’m ashamed to admit I love them and would definitely buy again. 

Pros: Second to my Sam Edelman Felicia’s, these might be the comfiest pair of flats I own (as they should be for that price!). Also quite versatile for outfits which helps justify the purchase. They also pack great and the leather is quite malleable if they get squished. 
Cons: The leather is quite soft at the cap toe and scuffs VERY easily. The first scuff was like a punch to the gut but I have heard girls tell me to get over it and it shows the authenticity of the shoe.  
Verdict: Would definitely buy again but maybe in patent? 

Pros: These are a stunner type shoe – they definitely make an outfit and a statement at that. They’re also extremely comfortable as far as heels go. They also dress up or down quite nicely with jeans or dresses. 
Cons: I find I am cautious with the satin and have waited out a rainstorm for 30 minutes once for fear of ruining the fabric. 
Verdict: I still question if blue was the right choice for me hue wise. I’ve been eyeballing the nude pair and have considered selling these to offset the cost. 

What I’ve got my eye on next:
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