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With so much happening this time of year, we often find ourselves saying to friends it feels like it’s been forever since we had a chance to catch up. With year end parties, vacation schedules and so much on the go, we’ve been trying something different this time of year. Rather than plan an extravagant night out at a restaurant, movie theatre or a show, we’re going back to the basics: board game nights. 
We’ve been having a blast entertaining at home and getting to relax in comfy clothes all while enjoying our favourites: good times, good food and great wine. This time of year, we shift gears from our usual white and rose offerings in summer to a rich red for the fall/winter season. We’ve been uncorking the Robert Mondavi Private Selection Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon. I find a lot of Adam’s friends are into Bourbon based cocktails but I always have their attention when I tell them the wine has been aged in bourbon barrels and to give it a try. I love pairing wine with a mix of items on our charcuterie boards like port salut cheese, beemster cheese, sweet peppers, blue cheese stuffed olives and cured meats. 
This style of entertaining has been a breeze and takes the pressure off the host to feel like you have to prepare an entire meal for the occasion. With plenty of nibbles to go around and a few bottles of wine, everyone is content hanging out in the living room and enjoying each other’s company. We’re excited to keep this tradition going strong inside until the weather warms up and then we’ll take the party outdoors once BBQ season is back! 
If you don’t have plans to entertain anytime soon but are looking for the perfect his + hers hosting gift, this bottle has definitely been on my list as a crowd pleaser!
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This post was sponsored by Robert Mondavi Private Selection. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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