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The Finishing Touches

We have lived in this house since February and slowly but surely, it feels like rooms are starting to come together. Truthfully, I regret tackling multiple rooms simultaneously as it slowed down the process and finishing details. We’re now finding projects like large, empty walls, are the remaining pieces of the puzzle to be solved in most rooms. 

Being that most entertaining happens in our living room, the blank, empty space above our couch was really starting to get to me. Since it extends from the entryway to the room, it felt incredibly bare with nothing on the wall (or any other in the room for that matter). Rather than opt for something oversized above the couch, I wanted to create a gallery wall pulling in various colours, textures and inspiration to add to the room. 

I’ve discussed many times on here, the house’s current state is temporary while we decide to either renovate or rebuild so most projects we take on are always budget conscious as we save towards a bigger, long term goal. Since gallery walls (art, printing and frames) can add up fast, we needed a cost-effective solution that would also coordinate with the investment pieces in the room for a cohesive look. 

I spotted a gallery wall here and there on Instagram from Desenio and was always impressed at how the space came together. One of my favourite functions on their website is the ability to shop and/or edit existing gallery walls which is a great jumping off point. I find I struggle trying to visually piece the items together in my mind so I’ll create a visual cheat sheet in InDesign which helps bring the space to life. 

Playing off the neutral and blue tones in our rug, the goal was to echo this colour scheme for the gallery wall. With our new house being a 10 minute walk from Lake Ontario, we’ve loved pulling in nautical or beach inspired accents here and there and thought this would be a great place to insert some of those accents. In a short period of time, we had our selections narrowed down and our order placed. I opted to add frames to the order because I’m notorious for having art sit around for weeks, months (yes years) without actually getting it framed. 

My final selection were as follows (from left to right):

Beach Tower Poster
Beach Stairs Poster
Grey Blue Aquarelle Poster
Gingko Beige Poster
Archipelago Poster
Delicate Coral Poster

Have a space you’re looking to add some life to? I’m happy to extend a 25% discount with code KRYSTINLEE on all posters from Desenio from today until midnight of September 19th. Please note the code does not apply to frames, handpicked and/or personalized posters.

This post was sponsored by Desenio. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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