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Reegan Chair: c/o La-Z-Boy | Talbot Sofa: c/o La-Z-Boy 
Coffee Table: c/o La-Z-Boy | Side Table: c/o La-Z-Boy | Rug: c/o La-Z-Boy
Pom Pom Pillow | Blue White Floral Pillow: c/o Studio McGee 
Gold Wreath Stand c/o Studio McGee
Similar Blue White Jar | Coffee Table Books: Here, Here and Here 
Boy oh boy! While everyone is reflecting back on 2018, we couldn’t help but laugh. Within 6 months we had found ourselves in 3 homes and 2 major moves under our belt. If you follow along on Instagram, you probably know that the move from Home 1 to 2 started out with big dreams and plans for a tear down until we were shocked to find out this lot was not buildable. After some tears, wine and a game plan, we went to work. We knew the market was possibly headed south and we had a short window to get our 60s bungalow from meh to wow in a matter of a few short months to get it listed and on the market. 
Our first matter of business was to paint the entire space. There was a buttercream yellow here before that just didn’t pop so our go-to American White was applied everywhere. Next was cleaning up the trim paint, adding pot-lights, painting the detached garage a nice white, shutters and the front door. 
Then came the staging. Since we moved from an open concept 2,500 square foot house to a sectioned off bungalow just under 1,100 square feet, we tried to get creative. I bought the kitchen table you see in the back off Kijiji and painted it white, leveraged an old bar cart as storage and managed to install a favourite chandelier in our dining space. But our living room was another story. We had 2 custom sofas that were specifically designed for our previous home that no longer worked in this space and had lost their oomph after much wear and tear. After guest posting for our local La-Z-Boy blog, we got to talking about the new space and how we were rearranging our furniture almost every week trying to find something that worked. They were so gracious to extend an offer to have one of their design consultants drop by our space to help with the process and suggest tips and I happily accepted. 
Tracey was a doll to work with! She had extensive experience in working with small, awkward spaces and very quickly told me she had a solution to our living room space. With an off centre fireplace and tv, guests who were facing the window were constantly straining their neck to watch the tv and we could not come up with an alternative solution that looked great but functioned as well. Within a week we were invited to our local La-Z-Boy store to see 2 mock ups she had created for our living room. 
Getting to see our mock up on the big screen was a great visual cue and she had even made suggestions on which models and lines would work with our coastal theme. The 3 of us agreed that sticking with a neutral tone for the sofa and accent tables would ensure years of use while playing up a fun pattern on our two accent chairs would liven up the space. And then she blew my mind… she walked us over to the Reegan swivel chair. That’s right, a swivel chair. I was hesitant at first as the legs felt a bit Mid-Century modern to me but paired with our new sofa, I actually loved how the pieces started to come together. Throw in a farmhouse-inspired braided side table and coffee table, and it just all fell into place. Second to the swivel chairs, I think the next find was our Magnolia Home Jute rug. 
I had been hunting high and low for a jute rug at local shops and boutiques that didn’t break the bank. Trying to find the right colour and texture was another hurdle. The showroom had one front and centre styled to perfection and it was the finishing touch. 
As a design enthusiast and marketer, I must admit, the brand has done wonders for their younger shopper as of late. Carrying lines like Magnolia Home, sourcing amazing decor items and opting for sleek and modern lines in their furniture collections completely overturned my perception of the leather recliner you so often think of. That being said, I LOVE that they refuse to compromise on comfort. 
Guests who sat in our swivel chairs were blown away to find that something this fun was from our local La-Z-Boy and that we didn’t have to outsource for the fun fabric. I can’t tell you how many times I fell asleep watching TV on my Talbot sofa, you just sink into the sofa thanks to the ComfortCore technology. And while we didn’t opt for any additional stain guarding, the countless drips, drops and more (whoops!) have easily been removed! 
Needless to say, we loved our La-Z-Boy furniture in house #2 of 2018 and just got it settled into house #3 to close out the year. Stay tuned to see how I tweak the styling over the next few months. Till then, you’ll find my back to painting, changing out lights, unpacking boxes and pulling my hair out as we get ready to take our current place from drab to fab! 
And just for you guys! If you drop into any La-Z-Boy Southern Ontario location and mention this blog post or my name, you’ll be entitled to 20% off all regular priced items and save the HST on all Hot Buys and clearance items. Some exclusions apply! Let me know if anything catches your eye :)
This post was sponsored by La-Z-Boy. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own! 

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