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Fall Beauty Routine with QUO Cosmetics

After recently posting my 5-minute morning routine on Instagram Stories, I received a ton of feedback to share more beauty content on the blog and my social channels. Truth be told, I’m always hesitant to share my go-to finds for makeup because I like to keep things simple when it comes to my everyday look. Well, turns out many of you feel the same way and are looking for tips and tricks to cut down on time in the morning and get out the door with a natural, glowing look. 

With fall around the corner (errr, or so we think!), I thought I would share some updates I’m making to my everyday look by playing up more of the golden hues of my eyes, applying less bronzer, adding more blush and going a bit darker for my everyday lip colour. 

The fall collection from Quo Cosmetics, available at Shoppers Drug Mart, has the perfect shades this season to help achieve this look. The Fire Clay eye shadow palette has so many of my favourite hues for fall – browns, beiges, shimmery neutrals and a few dark shades to take you from day to night in a pinch. Applying these with the Quo all over shadow brush was a breeze. I love that this brush can help apply shadow all over your eyelid as an easy swoop or create a smoky eye in the crease. 

I love adding an extra swipe of pigmented colour (preferably in a lighter shade) in the creases of my eyes and above my lid, and will often use my finger to get a more dialed-up effect. The product has great pigment, so one swipe or a dab in the corner of your eye should be more than enough. 

Since I haven’t completely lost my glow from summer (yet!), I’m still swiping on a fair amount of bronzer to give depth to the sides of my face. I’m not much of a contouring pro but I will outline the side of my face, and I used the bronzer shade in the Quo Dragon Bite palette. The Quo blush brush worked great to achieve this effect. I then used the same brush to quickly swipe blush from the same palette onto the apples of my cheeks. 

While I love a good dewy look, I try not to overdo it and again, I find that dabbing the product onto the sides of your temple close to your eye can achieve the strobing effect without being too over the top. I used the highlighter in the Sweet Magnolia palette to achieve this look. 

Last but not least – who can say no to a great shade of lipstick? I’m quite picky when it comes to my lip shades and my product. I’m not one to bust out a bold lipstick for the office. I’m usually sipping on coffee or water, gnawing on my pen or biting my nails, and I’m not one for reapplying throughout the day, so nude pinks are always my go-to. Nine times out of ten, I typically forget my lipstick at home, so reapplying doesn’t happen often which means I need products to take me from 8am-6pm. After testing 3 swatches, I opted for Seduce as my shade of choice. This product has the perfect velvety finish which makes for long-lasting colour that looks great even at the end of the day. 

I might apply setting spray if I have time and voila – I’m running to the kitchen for my coffee and then out the door and jetting off to work. I hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to visit your local Shoppers Drug Mart store to pick up any of the Quo products I used. And if you haven’t already heard, you can also buy Quo products online at Shopper’s new beauty e-commerce site.

This post is in partnership with Quo Cosmetics and Shoppers Drug Mart. All opinions are my own.

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