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Love Your Summer Self

Is there a better feeling than changing out the items in your closet for the summer season? From high-waisted shorts to shift dresses and midi skirts, I am loving feminine and flirty trends for the upcoming warmer months. As much as I love ditching the jeans in favour of shorter hemlines, I’m always self-­­­conscious about my legs before the start of each season.

I chronically suffer from dry skin after the post-winter weather and a great routine is always necessary to ensure my legs and skin are in tip top shape. From the right razor to shave gel and moisturizers, I’m all about a multi-step process that leaves my skin flake-free.

I have been using the Schick Intuition 2-in-1 razor for years. I love that it uses a Skin Conditioning bed to moisturize your skin while you shave and with 4 blades, really gets into those nooks and crannies we all know and love. I’ve tried other razors in the past and find some random strays in the awkward parts of my ankles which of course, the guys in my office always love to point out – UGH! The handle also has a super soft grip and makes for an ease of use in the tub or shower. I prefer to stick with more of a routine but if I’m in a pinch, I do like that this product encourages a lather element on the go.

Remember those flaky legs I was telling you about? There’s a product for that ;) The AVEENO POSTIVELY RADIANT Exfoliating Body Wash has natural exfoliants that gently wash away your dry, winter skin. I’ll typically use this product prior to shaving and I’ll use it once a week in the summer to ensure my legs are softer and smoother.

Have no need to be weary of bare legs this season! With the right skincare routine and products, you can rock those paperbag shorts or adorable mini with confidence! Be sure to visit Shoppers Drug Mart for all your skin care needs this summer!

This post was generously sponsored by the makers of AVEENO and Schick. The opinions and images shown are my own. For more information visit www.aveeno.ca or www.schick.ca

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