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Tales from a Type A Girl

Ever get those Home Alone vibes where you’re sitting on a plane and racking your brain trying to figure out what you forgot to do before you left on that vacation? That is totally me! Ask anyone who’s travelled with me and they’ll probably recount a time I was convinced I lost my passport/Nexus pass/luggage/wallet/car key or any other crucial element to travelling. 
Needless to say, with plenty on the mind, I tend to get a bit absent minded from time to time. Sure, I try to be super organized and rely on dates in my phone or handwritten notes in my agenda but there’s always a few times a month that seems to fail me. 
I’m also the girl who has remembered at 2AM I had to pay the credit card bill by the next business day and leaped down two flights of stairs in a flurry, fearful I’d miss the deadline. (Type A- what can I say?).  If I don’t receive a few – scratch that – several reminders, I’ll completely forget these days. When we switched to becoming American Express Cardmembers, we downloaded the Amex App out of curiosity. I can’t tell you the sigh of relief I had when I noticed that weekly reminders were sent with my card’s activity, account balance and upcoming due date. 

I also have the ability to track my balance, pay bills and manage my accounts which means that voice in the back of my head wondering if I forgot something – can worry about less important issues like recounting the number of nude heels I brought with me on my trip and did I really need all of them?… YES! 
One thing I didn’t know I needed in my life until I had it was mobile payments. I simply upload my Amex Card to my mobile wallet and voila! The cute boots I’d been dreaming about were all mine with just a tap of my phone. My phone is practically attached to my hand so making payments is a breeze and now I don’t have to worry about carrying around a wallet.

Sure the app is great, the reminders are helpful and the Card’s on-the-go services make managing our money a breeze. But my favourite part of all is the points. Whether it’s your weekly groceries or gas, those mundane items you’re always putting on the card add up quite quickly. Use Points for Purchases with Amex lets you use your points how you wish. Yep, you read that right. So if it’s a trip to Hawaii, a new wear-to-work wardrobe or that Gucci handbag you just need for fall – you can choose to use your points how you see fit. And the best part? You can do it all from the Amex App. 
The freedom factor of this Card is what personally sold Adam and me. We hated always having to use points for a random piece of technology we didn’t need. Amex offers the kind of freedom you deserve – it is your hard earned and spent money after all. 
So spare yourself that super embarrassing panic mode flurry before your next flight and get your life a little more organized with an American Express Card
Thanks for Amex for sponsoring this post. The views and opinions are my own

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