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Guest Post: Kristin from Doll Parade

Aside from the fact that I was immediately drawn to Kristin because of her name – I was also completely impressed by her style. Kristin’s blog, Doll Parade, is the perfect mix of pattern mixing, the most adorable ballerina buns and some pretty amazing photography. So glad she’s guest posting today!

Hello Suburban Faux-Pas readers! My name is Kristin and I write a small style blog out of the East coast of Canada coined “Doll Parade“. I am posting on behalf of Krystin who is currently enjoying a little zip to France (where is my jealousy meter?). I was thrilled to put something together for her since I pretty much covet her style each and every day, as well as this wonderful blog of hers. I am starting my transition into Fall, so something with an autumn-like color scheme was calling my name. That said, I’m holding onto my bare legs & pumps for just about as long as I can. 

Wishing you the very best adventure, Kyrstin. I cannot wait to see your snaps from abroad. Thank you for reading, and come visit me at Doll Parade if you fancy.

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